The website and personal responses to enquirers reflect a conventional, moderate Christian faith. They do not represent any one denomination, but all of them. If Christians take different views on a subject, all viewpoints are explained in an unbiased way.

No one is ever visited, phoned or sent a communication they did not request. We also try to ensure that information is not requested for third parties, so no one unexpectedly receives something requested by a well-meaning (or possibly malicious) acquaintance.

If the Agency is contacted by a child, we include a courteous letter to a parent or carer in what we send to the postal address. It explains who we are and invites communication if there is any uncertainty. If children ask for email contact, it is dealt with by people who have experience and safeguarding clearance, and who are monitored for accountability.

We explicitly ask for donations on this website, seen by Christians and churches. Because we do that we never have to ask for donations on, seen by those who are enquiring about Jesus. 

If you are able to help us continue, we would be very grateful.